Wednesday, March 21, 2012

backe math

Today I'm going to show you some backe math.

If a crate of apples contains as many apples as 16 tubs, and 4 tubs contains as many apples as 9 bags, then 3 crates contain as many apples as bags?

the answer is 108 bags. The answer 108 because if 9 bags can equal 4 tubs, multiplie 9 by 4 to equal 36 bags in 1 crate. Then multiplie 36 by 3 because their is 3 crates. That equals 108!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

constants and numerical coefficients

Constants are numbers that do not change or decreases the value of an expression
eg. 2x x=3 The number does not change or decrease the value of the variable.

A Numerical Coefficient is a number that multiplies the variable
eg. 5y 5 multiplies the y [unkown number] by 5

Monday, March 12, 2012

Questions that equal 9

There are 36 cookies that need to be shared equally with 4 people.

How many cookies will each person get? Each person will get 9 cookies because 36 cut into 4 is 9+9=18 9+9=18 18+18= 36

My car is how many feet away from the yellow line when the parking spot is 23 feet, and the car

is 14 feet long. How much feet away from the yellow line is the car? The answer is 9, but how did

I get it? 14+x=23 14+x-14=23-14 x=9 14+x=23 14+9=23 23=23

Math H.W. Booklet pg.132-133

1) Equations can be solved in several ways.

a) Solve by inspection, using mental math.
b) Model the equation, using balance it.
c) Isolate the variable by performing the opposite operation on both sides of the equal sign.

2) To check the solution, substitute your answer into the equation. The solution is correct if the left side of the equation is equal to the right side.


This is how much I know