Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have a question for page 78 in our homework booklet

In our homework booklet (page 72, question 1. a.)

Do we add the 1/2 cake mix to the original cake that got wrecked or do we use the cake mix to see if we can make a new cake that is equivalent to the original cake that was 8/8 or 1 whole.

My first answer is if we only need 3/8 to make up for the rest of the cake then yes because we have half a box of cake mix which is equivalent to 4/8 which is more than 3/8 that is needed.

But if we need to replace the original cake with the 1/2 cake mix then my answer would be no because 1/2 is equivalent to 4/8 and we need 8/8 or 1 whole to make a new cake

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